Hi, I’m Joe and this is my beach blog.  A lot of people ask me how I became a “beach expert”. I’m still trying to come up with a good answer, but if there were such a title, I might qualify.

One thing I am not: a travel blogger.

  • I don’t spend months planning trips.
  • I’m not looking to be a vagabond who takes cool photos.
  • I’m not really into social media (although this site has a pretty cool Pinterest page).

I only hope this site provides useful information to others who might be headed to the same place.

I enjoy my career and it allows me to visit most countries. On occasion, I get to nap on a beach. I often leave my camera at home when I go to the beach but I’m trying to break that habit because people prefer articles with photos.

As far as my qualifications for this beach blog:

I grew up in the ’80s and ’90s in California and spent summers on the Central California coast visiting my grandparents.  Some of my best memories are from days spent in and around the water. Ventura Beach was my spot. Zuma Beach was fun. I also enjoyed Point Magu where I have many memories with my grandfather.

As a teen, I moved to San Diego to attend university.  Year-round I lived and hung out on the beach where I learned the skills to enjoy my time under the sun. South Mission Beach and Ocean Beach were my go-to beaches.

Since those days in San Diego, I’ve traveled the world working on multinational projects.  I’ve lived on 4 continents and I speak a random Bantu language.

Whenever I have time off, I make a point to find a beach.  It helps me clear my mind and relax.

In 2010 I received my PADI diving certification and later that same year I swam with whale sharks off the coast of Mozambique.

I’ve seen some amazing beaches, including Tofu Beach in Mozambique, Marissa Beach in Sri Lanka, and Railay Beach in Thailand. But the best memories I have at the beach are with my family.

Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

This site was designed to share my experience and expertise at the beach.  For others that grew up near the beach, most of my articles will seem like common sense, however, this blog is primarily intended for families and individuals that may have questions before they go on vacation.

  • Maybe you’re wondering about what to bring to the beach.
  • Maybe you want a product that will hold up in the sand and heat.
  • Maybe you are curious about the basic rules of the beach.
  • Or maybe you want to find a sunscreen that isn’t full of chemicals.

Whatever your query, I try to create articles that answer basic (and sometimes complex) questions. I’ve categorized this website into 5 sections 1) beach safety, 2) tips, 3) sports products, 4) beach gear, and 5) beaches.

Walking with my family on the picturesque Central California Coast

On some blog posts, I recommend and link to products.

This said, Beach Life Expert is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

I would also like to share that I am not compensated for recommending specific products or brands.  My recommendations are because of personal experience, knowledge, or good reviews from other customers.

I appreciate your time and for stopping by!