Hallandale Beach, Florida (Things To Do, Photos, and Hotels)

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Hallandale Beach, Florida is a lively area for tourists and residents with high-rise buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants.  It’s a great place to walk on the beach.

You can also exercise on A1A (running and cycling). Walk north on this beach and it turns into the well-known Hollywood Beach.

If you’ve spent time in South Florida, you’ve seen the high-rise condominiums and hotels that line the beach.

They are a sight-to-see and many of the buildings offer balconies with panoramic views of the sea or the intracoastal waterways. High-rise describes Hallandale Beach well.

Drive south from Hallandale Beach and you’ll hit Miami’s most famous beaches. Walk north and you’ll find the wide beaches of Hollywood.

There are plenty of things to do in Hallandale Beach, Florida. I’ll share a few tips for where to stay, where to eat, and where to park in this slice of heaven.

Hallandale Beach Florida photo

Where Is Hallandale Beach, Florida (Plus A Parking Tip)

Hallandale Beach is in Southern Broward County. It’s an affluent area with plenty of high-rise buildings. The beach is closest to Hollywood Beach (a 10-minute walk on the beach), but it’s in driving distance to the beaches of Miami (30 minutes).

The surrounding community is impressive. Directly to its south is the exclusive Golden Beach area with some of the most valuable waterfront real estate in South Florida.

To its north, Hollywood Beach is a stunner with wide beaches and a laid-back atmosphere.

If you’re driving to Hallandale Beach, Florida you’ll most likely arrive via Hallandale Beach Boulevard. This road is a busy stretch of road with an exit from I-95.

Along Hallandale Beach Boulevard you’ll find small businesses, big box stores, and plenty of restaurants.

The high-rise buildings have on-site parking for guest, but if you’re a visitor, consider parking at Walmart, which sits on the eastern side of the intracoastal.

If you park here you can pick up some snacks then walk across the bridge to enjoy the beach.

Only at Walmart can you enjoy the cheap prices and free parking!

5 Things To Do At Hallandale Beach, Florida

1. Walk The Beach

If you’re going to Hallandale Beach, then you intend to enjoy the ocean. Get there early because the beach is narrow, but feel free to walk the beach in either direction.

To the south you can walk by mansions on the beach. To the north you can reach Hollywood Beach. There are literally miles to explore!

The best time to visit this beach is November to March, when the temperatures are warm but not overbearing. If you choose to remain near the main entrance to Hallandale Beach, it’s a good place to people-watch. You can take a break at some of the nearby stores for a coffee or a smoothie.

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Most of the resorts and condominiums offer lounge chairs and umbrellas for a price. It’s worth it if you plan to be there all day. The water here is warm year-round with minimal waves.

There is often seaweed on the beach it’s not always a problem in the water.

2. Take A Selfie With The Water Tower

If you visit Hallandale Beach make sure to take a selfie with the water tower in the background. I know it seems like a strange recommendation but it’s a landmark and you can verify that you were there – make your friends jealous!

It’s not my thing, but I always see people taking selfies with the tower so it must be popular!

Hallandale Beach water tower

3. Cruise The Hollywood Beach Boardwalk

Walk north on the beach (one mile) and you’ll hit the Hollywood Beach boardwalk. Many people go here to bike and exercise.

There are shops and restaurants and there are concerts at the open-air stage in front of the Margaritaville Resort.  Whether you want to people-watch or get some great seafood, the Hollywood boardwalk is a must-see if you’re visiting Hallandale Beach.

On the boardwalk you can rent bicycles, play volleyball, or workout on the pull-up bars.

4. Shop At Aventura Mall

Aventura Mall is huge and it’s not far from Hallandale Beach. Drive south a mile or two on A1A then take a right on the William Lehman Causeway. The causeway will take you there!

Aventura Mall is perfect for tourists and shopping. It’s sure to have whatever you’re looking for (theaters, food, and high-end shops).

Aventura’s Apple store is said to be one of the busiest in the United States due to visitors from Latin America.

5. Catch Happy Hour At Etaru Restaurant

Located near the water tower, Etaru is know for great sushi. It’s also known for a great happy hour – if you can get a table.

The location is superb with ocean views and it’s the perfect sport to take a loved one for sundown. Call ahead to reserve a table and you won’t regret visiting this classy restaurant.

Happy hour runs from 5:30-7pm with drinks and snacks at a great price.  The view is free!

Where To Stay At Hallandale Beach

Although most of the high-rise buildings are condos, there are several resorts in the area.

The Hyde Resort is closest to the beach and it’s a fairly new building, equipped with top-of-the-line facilities (and views). Pay close attention to the building your reserve because the Hyde has two locations, on each side of A1A (Hyde Beach House and Hyde Beach Residence).

If staying at the Residence is an option, I’d prefer to stay there because you are closer to the beach.

The Double Tree is just across from the Hyde. It’s a more affordable (not cheap) option and just a few minutes walk to the beach. The views won’t be the same as the Hyde, but the Double Tree has a great pool with intracoastal views.

One wonderful thing about intracoastal views is that you’ll be facing west – this means a better view of the sunset colors!

Hyde Resort Hallandale Beach

The Beachwalk Elite Hotels and Resorts is just a little further away from the first two recommendations. It sits on the west side of the intracoastal but it’s still only a 5-10 minute walk from the sand.

All of these options are excellent, with shopping nearby. If you’re on a budget stay at the Beachwalk Elite Hotel and do all your shopping at Walmart (across the street).

The Beachwalk is a big building as well and on the higher floors you may get big views of the intracoastal.

Restaurants At Hallandale Beach

We’ve already mentioned Etaru, but it’s a place you should visit. Locals can be found there during happy hour!

Another local option is Padrino’s Cuban food, located a short walk from the beach. It’s on the west side of the intracostal and across from Walmart. Padrino’s is a famous Cuban joint and if you want to taste delicious Cuban food, then put this on your to-do list!

The Patagonia Nahuen Café offers solid Argentinian food at a reasonable price. It’s a “hole in the wall” but is popular with locals and tourists. Grab a few empanadas for a snack and hit the beach.

Etaru Restaurant Hallandale Beach Florida


Hallandale Beach, Florida (city website) is in a great location and offers a lot for a traveller. Nestled between the more popular beaches of Miami and Hollywood, Hallandale Beach is both a local and tourist hangout.

The beach is adequate and it runs for miles, eventually turning into Hollywood and Golden Beach. You can stroll down the beach in either direction to see beautiful views of the ocean, warm water, and impressive architecture.

Take time to photo the famous water town and plan happy hour at Etaru’s Japanese cuisine.

There are plenty of hotels to choose from but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, consider staying a mile or two north in Hollywood.

Another great part about Hallandale is it’s proximity to grocery stores. If you need supplies, Walmart is only a stones-throw away and the parking lot is often used for beach parking.

Don’t forget that Aventura Mall is only a few miles away and it offers some of the best shopping in South Florida.

Have a wonderful trip to Hallandale Beach Florida.