5 Best Kid’s Snorkel Sets (Masks, Snorkel, Fins, + Bag)

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You’re getting ready for summer or heading on a family vacation. You need snorkel gear for the kids.  I’ll share the best snorkel sets for kids to make the decision easier for you.

I grew up near the water using my dad’s old snorkel gear. It didn’t fit but that was the only option I had. The fins were too big and the mask always leaked.

The industry has come a long way in the past 20 years. Thankfully there are snorkels masks and fins made for kids.   These options have masks made for small and narrow faces and the snorkel is proportional too.

Even the best snorkel brands make smaller gear for kids. Before we get to the reviews lets check out what you should expect to get in a snorkel set for kids.

What’s Included In A Kid’s Snorkel Set

Adult snorkelers usually purchase their fins and snorkel and mask separately because each person has different preferences. But it’s a better economic decision to purchase a set, especially for children because you can never be sure whether they will like snorkeling.

What should you expect in a kid’s snorkel kit? Let’s cover the 4 items below.

  • Mask

Of course, you should expect to have a mask. It’s an essential part of snorkeling. In fact, the mask and snorkel are required items that allow you to breathe and see underwater.

  • Snorkel

Your snorkel will attach to the strap of your mask (you can also keep them separate but there’s more support if attached).

The snorkel could have a purge valve for forcing water out of the snorkel, or it may be an old school snorkel that is cleared by forcing water out the top.

If your snorkel has a purge valve there should be a larger area on the lower part of the snorkel (where water can be forced out).

  • Fins

Fins come in plenty of styles and colors that will catch your child’s attention. Fins aren’t mandatory for snorkeling but they help with moving through the water.

If there is a strong current, fins should be worn (fins tend to make average swimmers excellent swimmers).

In kid’s snorkel sets, fins should be considered a bonus. If fins are purchased separately from a snorkel and mask they can easily double the price. This is where the set saves you money!

  • Bag

Bags are included in most snorkel sets and they are usually simple mesh bags that are easily transported and allow the gear to dry. The bag is nice to have but isn’t essential – it just helps with organization and transportation.

6 Best Kid’s Snorkel Sets (Snorkel, Mask, Fins, and Bag)

#1 Cressi Junior Rocks Mask, Fin, and Snorkel Set

This set is ranked high because it’s one of the best brands for snorkeling. Cressi is a world-class brand and ubiquitous with diving, scuba, and snorkelers around the world.

The company is Italian and they’ve been around for almost a century. A few years ago they began making a smaller snorkel designed for kids.

The “Junior Rocks” option comes with everything your child needs to get started.


  • Well-known and respected company
  • Fins, mask, snorkel, and mesh bag
  • 3 color options and various sizes for kids
  • Great reviews
  • Reasonable price
  • Adjustable fins and mask

You know you’re getting quality when you buy Cressi. The mask has a silicone seal around the face, the same as their expensive models.

The mask and fins can adjust to a larger size as your child grows (it will last more than one summer) (check Cressi kid’s set on Amazon).

I’m pleasantly surprised by the price – it’s reasonable being a premium diving brand. If you have multiple children, this snorkel set can be passed down over the years. Just make sure to take good care of it!)

#2 HEAD Swimming Pirate Junior Mask and Snorkel Set

HEAD is a well-recognized brand for sporting equipment, especially their tennis gear. But they also make good-looking and well-functioning snorkeling gear for kids.

The HEAD Pirate model has a few colors to choose from and multiple sizes for your child (check HEAD kids snorkel set on Amazon).


  • Included snorkel, mask, fins, and bag
  • Bag zips up like a small backpack
  • 4 color options
  • 2 child sizes

The reviews for this snorkel set are superb. Customers write that their kids had no leaks and had great experiences in the water because the snorkel and mask did its job.

A few reviews mentioned that they tested the gear in the pool for a few weeks before exploring the deep blue sea.

I like the reviews and I like the price for the set. The stylish carrying bag adds a nice touch and will make your child proud to carry his/her items to and from the beach.

#3 U.S. Divers Youth Flare – Silicone Snorkel Set

U.S. Divers is another great brand that offers a lot of products designed for kids. One thing that differentiates this U.S. Diver’s Set from Cressi is that they offer more color options, a nice carrying bag, and 5 sizes for juniors.


  • 6 sizes for juniors
  • 4 color options
  • Narrow and small faces
  • Hypoallergenic silicone face skirt
  • Quick release for adjusting the mask and fins
  • Purge valve and pivot flex snorkel

I like the options for the U.S. Divers snorkel set (sizing and colors). The fins are relatively short, but it’s a good thing for kids (sometimes long fins are difficult to control) (check U.S. Divers snorkel set price on Amazon).

I like that it has a purge valve – just like high-quality snorkels. The bag isn’t fancy, but it’s a nice touch to the set. The bag is closed with a zipper (I actually think a mesh bag is better for the beach and for drying out gear).

#4 Promate Spectrum Junior Snorkeling Set

You may not have heard of Promate but they make quality diving masks at an affordable price. Their mission is to deliver quality at a reasonable price and because they are a snorkeling and diving company I like what they’re doing.

This option is for juniors and they offer 2 sizes and 6 color styles.


  • Mask, snorkel, fins, and mesh bag
  • Quality product with good reviews
  • Snorkel with purge valve and children’s mouthpiece
  • Hypoallergenic silicone mask for a good seal
  • 6 color options and 2 kids sizes

The more I learn about this company the more I like the product they are offering. The price is comparable to the other kids snorkel kits on the list (check Promate kid’s snorkel set on Amazon).

The reviews are generally positive and mention the fit of the mask and a few mention fogging issues. Fogging is a relatively easy problem to fix (do your homework) and make sure to practice with the mask in the pool first.

#5 Mares (HEAD) Sea Pals For Kids

This option is more fun than anything else and it’s made or small children. Mares does a good job of designing the products to resemble fish, turtles, orcas, and octopus (fun themed snorkel gear).


  • Animal themed
  • 7 styles to choose from
  • Best for small kids
  • 3 child sizes
  • Child-sized mouthpiece
  • Purge valve
  • Adjustable fin straps and mask

If I had to guess the mask and material used probably isn’t the best, however, the design and fact that your child will love them is what matters most (check Sea Pals snorkel set on Amazon).

The set offers most of the same qualities as the other options on the list but this snorkel set would be great for younger kids that may or may not be ready for the ocean (works well in the pool too).

#6 U.S. Divers Junior Regal Mask and Set

U.S. Divers appears again on the list in the number 3 position. It’s very similar to the Junior snorkel set but this mask offers a few new color options.


  • Attractive color options
  • Various sizes for kids
  • Quick release straps
  • Submersible dry top snorkel
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt for a good seal around the face.
  • Bag for travel and storage

This is a quality option for a kids snorkel set and includes everything you need to get started in the water. It’s also slightly cheaper than the Flare set mentioned above (check U.S. Divers Regal snorkel set on Amazon).

Full Face Mask for Kids – Are They A Better Option

Full face snorkel masks have boomed in popularity. Part of their popularity comes from inexperienced swimmers and snorkelers who feel safer with a full mask over their face rather than 2 pieces of traditional snorkeling equipment (mask and snorkel).

A full-face snorkel mask combines the two pieces and it also provides a great view. But it can provide a false sense of security and appears to make snorkeling too simple.

When the two snorkel pieces are combined the mask can’t be removed separately from the source of air (it can be tricky if you’re in the water).

Full face masks could be a problem for people who battle with leaky masks.  They should expect to have more leaks in a full face mask because it needs to seal a larger area.

Lifeguards have seen an increase of emergencies with full face masks – at least partly due to the mask.

My take:

The full face mask is a fun twist on snorkeling but seasoned snorkelers prefer the two piece. The traditional 2 piece mask and snorkel is better for diving and clearing water from the snorkel.

Have your kids learn the traditional snorkel and mask and later on they can experiment with the full face.

Can Kids Use Adult Snorkeling Gear

Many kids can use adult snorkeling gear but it depends on the age of the child and the face size.

As with other items for the face, such as glasses, snorkel masks for kids are made for smaller, narrow faces and the snorkel itself may be smaller.

Fins must fit to size but usually fit a range of feet sizes (e.g. small to large).

If you have adult snorkel gear and are wondering if it can work, give it a test run in a pool or a bathtub. You never want to get into the ocean with snorkel gear that may not fit.

The mask should always be tested in shallow waters without waves or currents.

Teaching Young Kids To Snorkel

Your kids are guaranteed to love snorkeling but it won’t come naturally. Breathing with one’s face underwater takes some getting used to.

Young kids will likely be intimidated by waves and rough ocean waters. If possible, visit a pool before your trip to the ocean. Even the pool at your beach hotel is a good place to practice before venturing into the deep blue sea.

My first time snorkeling was at Kaanapali Beach in Maui. It was memorable because it was the first time seeing ocean life with my own two eyes. But it wasn’t without a learning curve.

I didn’t have the opportunity to practice – my dad said “let’s go” and I followed. I spent most of my time above water fighting the current and waves, but after a few snorkeling sessions, I began to trust that I could, in fact, breathe through the snorkel.

I wish I would have learned the basics of snorkeling first!

Importance Of Cleaning Snorkel Gear

I’m a minimalist, so if I buy something I buy a quality product that will last a long time. A few years ago I bought a high-quality snorkel mask made by Aqualung. It was an investment and I take good care of it.

Snorkels, masks, and fins are relatively easy to clean. They are made from PVC, silicone, and rubber but like most items at the beach they can become damaged from the salt water.

Salt water is full of minerals that can stain the mask’s glass and over time the combination of sun and salt can corrode straps.

After each dive, make sure to wash the items in your kid’s snorkel kit with fresh water. You can even let them soak in a bucket or the sink. It seems simple, but a freshwater rinse will keep your snorkel set looking new and it will last a long time.


Choosing the best kid’s snorkel kit is an easy and fun process. There are plenty of options and colors to choose from.

You can go with the cheapest option that will suffice for your vacation, or you can purchase from a reputable brand that will last a few years and can be passed down to other family members.

Most kid’s snorkel set include:

  • Snorkel
  • Mask
  • Fins
  • Bag

Sure you can buy the items separately, but the price is better when purchased as a package.

In this article I mentioned several styles of kid’s snorkel set for boys and girls. I chose solid brands that aren’t cheap and a few budget brands that don’t have the same brand recognition.

Before you let your kids venture into the ocean, make sure they test the snorkel set in the pool (a bathtub will work for the mask but it’s a little small).

Also, teach your children to properly clean the equipment after using to ensure it last for a number of summer seasons.

I hope this list puts you on the right track to find the best kid’s snorkel set. Let us know which one you chose in the comments. Thanks for reading another article of mine. Enjoy your time in the water!