20 Paddle Board Accessories For 2023 (Best SUP Accessories)

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Paddle boarding has become a popular way to have fun in the sun. Whether it’s at the beach riding waves, in the harbor getting exercise, or paddling across the bay to a ball game, stand up paddle boards, also know as SUPs, are versatile for your particular needs and perfect for the beach.

SUP can be done with friends, family, and even our pets (yes even pets). Once you have the necessary SUP equipment – which isn’t much – paddle boarding is easy to learn and will keep you in shape.

There’s nothing better than an enjoyable activity that provides a great workout at the same time.

In this article we’ll look at the must-have paddle board accessories including the best paddle board cooler, the best SUP deck bag, and other inflatable paddle board accessories.

When I bought my first paddle board I didn’t realize all the SUP accessories available. A few of my favorite SUP equipment are:

  • SUP paddle holder
  • SUP light for paddle boarding at night,
  • SUP traction pad for dogs
  • Paddle board cooler
  • Paddle board seat

If you’re looking to upgrade your paddle board or if you’re looking for a paddle board gift, we’ll share a wide selection of SUP accessories. In no particular order, let’s get started!

1. SUP Bungee Attachment

The paddle board bungee attachment is one of the most popular SUP accessories available. The concept is simple – when you’re paddle boarding you’ll need a place to put a tee shirt, sandals, or sunglasses and the bungee attachment will keep your valuables in one place.

A popular activity for paddle boarders is to go on a weekend adventure and visit a few beaches. The activity takes time and you’ll likely need food and beverages.

The bungee allows you to bring gear with you that you couldn’t bring otherwise.  The bungee attachment uses a strong bonding material that adheres to the top of the paddle board.

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Make sure you wipe the hard surface clean, place the adhesive and let set for 24 hours before using. You’ll be able to adjust the tension of the bungee to hold everything in place!

2. Serene Life Detachable Paddle Board Seat

Serene Life is a well-known paddle board maker so I’m not surprise that they have a best selling paddle board seat. The concept is obvious – why can’t a paddle board have a seat similar to kayaks, to provide a break from standing.

Enter the paddle board seat. It uses polyester, EVA, and copper hooks so they won’t rust.

The detachable paddle board seat works with any paddle board, but can also be used for kayaks, rowboats, and fishing boats. The ties and hooks will fit around the bottom of the board and provide relief to paddle boarders that need a break from standing.

>> check price and reviews on Amazon

I like the versatility of this paddle board seat, the brand (I know it’s good quality) and the fact it won’t break the bank. Turn your paddle board into a kayak in a few minutes!

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3. Air Pump That Attaches to Car Battery

The TireWell 12V tire inflator is a must have SUP accessory that can inflatable a SUP fast! Most people prefer inflatable paddle boards because they are easier to store, travel with, and you don’t need a roof rack.

But one of the downsides is blowing up the paddle board once you get to the beach.  Have you ever tried pumping up an inflatable paddle board with a pump?

Using a push pump can take a solid 10 minutes (if you’re working hard) and that’s time you could be out in the water. A hand pump is also a workout in itself and if you’re paddle boarding you’ll want to save your strength for the water.

The TireWell 12V comes with clamps that attach to your car battery. It works perfect for inflatable SUPs and will inflate a board in a minute.

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The device also works for bikes, car tires and RVs. If you have a few ISUPs then this is a great accessory to have – keep it in the trunk and utilize it whenever you’re at the beach.

4. Paddle Board Cooler

How about a midday picnic on your paddle board? Imagine being out in the middle of the water with your friends or family and having a paddle board cooler to open and eat a snack. After all, you can work up an appetite with a paddle board workout.

Another must-have SUP accessory, this paddle board cooler can attach to the deck using 4 industrial strength suction cups so you don’t need to worry about adhesives that might damage your board.

The suction cups go one quickly and come off just as fast. This allows the cooler and board to be cleaned separately.

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One of the downsides of the SUP cooler is it’s not meant for ice, but it will keep your gear cool for a few hours. It also has a few extra compartments where you can put your keys, money, and phone.

This one is great for individuals who need lunch on the water – not so great for multiple people!

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5. SUP LED Bow Light

Be seen at night! During the day people are easily seen on paddle boards where they’re standing up out of the water. However, at night it’s another story.

Boats are the main cause for concern as is losing your sense of direction after dark. If boats can’t see you it’s a big problem.

SUP bow lights are perfect for people who paddle board in the evenings (I know many) and for people who paddle board in the harbor where there is lots of traffic.

>> check light price and reviews on Amazon

We like the portable LED bow light that is used primarily for kayaks but adapts nicely for paddle boards. It uses suction so it can be applied and removed between uses.

It can also get wet, but we recommend cleaning it after each use to reduce the potential of rust.

6. SUP Dog Traction Pad

If you paddle board with your mut or plan to, the traction pad is a must-have SUP accessory. Once dogs get used to the paddle boarding they really enjoy it (just watch the 100’s of dog and paddle board videos on youtube).

One of the problems that dogs face on a paddle board is their grip. Wetness will make the top of the board slick and dogs easily fall off. Most boards have a grip in the middle for humans, so why not add a small grip for your dog in the front.

>> check price and reviews on Amazon

This SUP-Now dog traction pad will please your pup and make him/her more comfortable while in the water. It’s made from water-resistant EVA foam and 6mm thick.

It stays on your paddle board with a strong 3m adhesive which stays strong even when wet.

7. Non-Slip SUP Paddle Board Grip

A paddle grip for your SUP can help with holding onto your paddle but also help with style. Applying a colorful grip will help your SUP stand out from the others – consider it a customizer.

The Yakgrips uses a neoprene outer shell with rubber lining, making it easier on the hands and grip during paddling. It measures 16 inches, which should be enough for wider grips as well (paddle boarding you should not have hands far apart!).

>> check paddle grip price on Amazon

Yakgrips have a few styles to choose from and can be removed for washing.

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8. SUP Carrier Sling and Storage

Paddle boards can be a hassle to get to and from the water. Even inflatable boards which make transport easier are tough to get from the parking lot to the water.

If you want a minimalist way to carry your board, consider the SUP carrier sling and storage.

It hooks onto two areas of the board and has one padded strap – made of neoprene – that goes over the shoulder. The strap clips onto the board straps and reduces the need for carrying with the hands.

It will work for both short and tall individuals and has a nifty Velcro to secure the paddle – they thought of everything.

>> check price and reviews on Amazon

If you’re not pleased with the SUP carrier sling they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

9. Paddle Board Roof Rack (J-Bar)

If you’re an avid outdoorsman you probably know what a J-Bar roof rack is. The “J” is the shape of the rack that positions your equipment – whether it’s a kayak or paddle board – on its side and provides more space.

For paddle boarding a J-bar on your roof rack can make a big difference by taking pressure off the top or bottom of the board. They easily install on your existing roof rack and the boards can be tied down using straps (provided).

>> check price and reviews on Amazon

The J-bar is versatile and perfect for people who prefer to air up their inflatable paddle board at home and take it to the beach “ready to go” or who have rigid paddle boards that require a sturdy roof rack.

10. Inflatable Life Jacket for Paddle Boarding Emergency

Wearing a lifejacket isn’t conducive to paddle boarding because you need a good range of motion to paddle. That’s why you rarely see people wearing them while in the water.

Sure it’s safe for an emergency, but couldn’t it be smaller or less noticeable for times when you’re enjoying yourself? Yes!

There are many people who paddle board but aren’t confident in their swimming. Others may paddle far from the coast and worry about having an accident.

If you know someone like this then the belt pack manual inflatable lifejacket is perfect. It attaches to the wait similar to a belt – you’ll hardly notice it around your waist with a nylon protective cover.

If anything, it gives a paddle boarder peace of mind while out in the water.

>> check price and reviews on Amazon

If your paddle board becomes deflated, or if there’s rough water then you’ll be grateful you have the lifejacket ready, around your waste.

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11. SUP Beer Koozie

The SUP Buddy is the perfect, inexpensive gift for a paddle boarder. It’s versatile as a beer holder or coffee holder for morning workouts. I’ve seen these a lot recently on boards.

After all, most people paddle board for a few hours at a time and it’s challenging to hydrate while out in the water. If you don’t have a cooler on board, a koozie will do the job for a limited time. You could even buy 2 of these for a few drinks!

>> check Koozie price on Amazon

The SUP Buddy uses three suction cups on the bottom that keep the koozie in place. Of course the koozie keeps your drink cold (or hot if coffee). It also comes with a mesh bag to collect your empties.

12. Paddle Board Paddle Holder

Ever wonder what to do with your paddle when you need to rest?  Or wonder where to put the paddle when you’re getting in and out of the water?

One of the most useful, yet most simple SUP accessories is the paddle holder.  The SUP paddle holder is a small piece that attaches to your paddle board.

There are a few different options available but we like the paddle buddy paddle holder because it uses suction to attach to your SUP.

>> check Paddle Buddy paddle holder on Amazon

One word of caution is that it doesn’t work well with inflatables but if you’ve got a rigid board it works great.  Find a clean area on the board that can provide a clean meeting place with the suctions, attach it, and you’ve got a paddle holder that works well in the ocean and in storage.

13. Best SUP Deck Bag (SUP Dry Bag)

A waterproof deck bag is important if you’re traveling to another location and need clothes, food, water, keys, or a wallet. Thankfully, waterproof bags work very well, but whatever you keep inside shouldn’t need air circulation (food or pets).

We like the well-reviewed Sak premium waterproof dry bag with watertight welded seams. It has an outer pocket too for easy access but it’s not waterproof, only splash-proof.

Sak does a good job with this design to make it look great, but also functional. It has a reflective trim so you’ll be seen in the evening and an adjustable shoulder strap. While on your paddle board you won’t be carrying it so it should fit nicely under the deck bungee cords (our other mentioned accessory).

>> check price and reviews on Amazon

It comes in both 10 and 20 liters and various colors. The reviews and customer service are stellar.

14. Paddle Board Transport Board Bag

If you travel with your board, especially by plane, you’ll want to protect the paddle board with a cover. Surfers have used these for years as they’ve traveled the world searching for the perfect waves.

Some board bags are padded, some have straps, and some are colorful. You’ll notice that many of these bags have an outer layer that is the color of foil. This is done to reflect the sun and reduce heat in the bag. A hot board could result in wax melting or other damage.

>> check price and reviews on Amazon

The SurfStow transport bag does all three of these things, making it a great option for traveling but also for storage. I’ve even seen people use these bags even when they’re up on the car roof.

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15. Paddle Board Waterproof Phone Case

These days people can’t go anywhere without their phone. Phones are essentially personal computers where people can reach us by calls, text, and email. I rarely go anywhere with my phone just in case I need to look something up, need directions, or need to take pictures.

You won’t need to check your email while paddle boarding in the ocean, nor will you need directions, but you might want to take a few photos while with friends and family.

A waterproof phone case will help keep your phone safe from water, but also keep sand away from it. In my opinion, this is another must-have SUP accessory.

I’ve taken many phones to the beach (because I had to) and most of my problems have ended up stemming from sand getting inside the phone or scratching the screen.

>> check waterproof phone reviews on Amazon

The MPOW waterproof phone case works for a variety of phones and has a clear shell so you can see the screen through the protective case.   What’s better about the case is that you can still use the phone because it reacts to your hand through the case.

Want to take photos in the water? Sure. What to check an email you’re waiting for while on your paddle board? Go for it.

And if it works for water you can be assured it will work well for sand too. I have a few of these and always have my family put their phones. Even if we don’t paddle board we sill use them when laying on the beach.

16. Paddle Board Indoor Storage Rack

It can be problematic when you first get a paddle board, take it home, and try to find a place for it. Sure it can go in the garage but for such a big investment it should be well taken care of.

The floor, where people and vehicles can run over it, is a bad choice. The ceiling is out of the way, yet difficult to put up and down. The wall is a good spot but now you must find (or make) shelves for the paddle board.

The wall rack from StoreYourBoard is a wall rack that can store paddle boards and surfboards. Made from lightweight steel tubing, it won’t put excess pressure on your wall yet should be able to support a considerable amount of weight.

>> check price and reviews on Amazon

It’s available in a 2 or 3 board rack option, storing boards that are up to 12 feet long. These work great on the fence in the backyard (be sure to protect from rain), in the garage, and in the house.

The rack arms are padded so your paddle board will rest comfortably without damage by the metal.

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17. SUP Cart Carrier (Wheels)

Earlier we spoke about the challenges of carrying a paddle board from your car to the water. At a minimum, you’ll have to walk across a parking lot and the beach with your SUP and carrying strap can help.

If your board is heavy, or if you have multiple boards, a SUP Cart might be your best option. A SUP cart carrier with wheels allows you to roll the boards instead of lugging them across the sand.

Whether you carry or roll is a personal preference, just know that you’ll need to put the wheels or carrying strap somewhere when you get in the water.

>> check price and reviews on Amazon

The Apex Paddle Board Dolly has oversized wheels that also work on the sand, making it easier to pull behind you. If you have a home on the beach this might be the perfect thing to get your board to and from the water.

18. SUP Lock

Need to keep your board in a location for a while and don’t want it stolen. I know some guys who keep their boards in their yard, but also lock it to prevent people from walking away with it.

DryLocks SUP lock is oversized, perfect for surfboards and paddle boards. The lock is a combo lock that attaches to the same location as the leash on the board, making it tough to steal.

>> check SUP and Surf Lock on Amazon

The people who came up with this realized that the best locking location was the one place that’s impossible to cut the lock.

19. Paddle Board Sail Kit

Have you ever heard of a sail kit for a paddle board? If not, now you know. I didn’t realize this kit existed but it makes sense. A sail kit is rather simple, all that’s needed is an anchor to your boat and you can let the wind help you move.

Even if the breeze is minimal this sail kit will propel you much faster than if you simply paddle. Opening and closing the sail is pretty straightforward and only takes a few minutes.

If you’re traveling across a harbor to meet friends or returning to shore from paddle board fishing then this is a great option to use. Let your environment do the work!

>> check price and reviews on Amazon

The sail kit breaks down to a size similar to a sunshade, is made of lightweight material, and can fit on your board under the bungees you’ve already installed.

20. SUP Anchor Kit

If you or a family member use paddle boards often an anchor could help keep the board in place between uses. One of the things I worry about most is getting in and out of the water while my board floats away.

An anchor will keep the board nearby and from floating away with the tied or by waves (big waves might damage the board).

We like the small 3.5lbs folding anchor that also works for small boats, jet skis, and kayaks. It’s heavy enough to do the job, yet small enough to keep on top of a paddle board without weighing you down.

>> check price and reviews on Amazon

Stuck in the sand, it will keep the board on the shore ready for its next ride the following morning. If using on a lake the anchor could be placed permanently into the shore and the board can be tied to it each day.


Paddle boarding is one of the hottest activities of the summer.  It’s fun to get out on the water with friends and family where you can snorkel, ride waves, paddle along dolphins, and workout.

There aren’t many activities that people both enjoy plus get a good workout!

As you gain confidence in the ocean, there are a bunch of upgrades you can make to your SUP.  You can find covers, straps, SUP coolers, roof racks, LED lights, SUP deck bags, and even paddle board sails.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy at least of the other SUP accessories on our list but there are many more than you can look for as well.  Thanks for reading another Beach Life Expert article on the best SUP accessories!