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Everyone likes flying a kite. Whether at the beach or at a park, kites provide affordable fun for kids, teenagers, and adults alike.  In this article, I’ll cover the best kids kites for beginners.

We’ll even mention a kite DIY option that will help your family learn how kites fly.  We hope the following information and kite options provide you with the information to make an informed buying decision.

Flying Kites as a Kid

Although it’s been a few decades, I still remember my youth spent at the beach.  Our family had a lot of fun in the sand and ocean.

Some of my best memories are from building forts, flying kites, and bodysurfing.  In particular, flying a kite was always a good time at the beach because there was always an afternoon breeze.

These days I walk and run on the beach and I still see families enjoying a kite.  It never seems to lose its fun and keeps kids busy for hours.

I see simple kites dancing in the wind, and occasionally I see advanced kites (stunt kites) being directed by their user.  I’ll stick to the simple (single-line) kites made specifically for kids.

What is a Kite

Did you know that a kite is considered an aircraft?  It uses lightweight material to create lift and drag, which can elevate a kite with the wind.

Kites can use a single line to control the height or multiple lines to control height and direction in the air.  Kites were likely invented in China where ultralight silk was wrapped around a bamboo frame.

Early on, kites were likely used for communication, as signals or messaging with military.  Later, because of their elegance and fun, kites were adopted as part of ceremonies and competitions.

Even the Wright Brothers who invented planes are said to have studied kites and used them to help build the first iterations of the plane.

Today kites are used for meteorology, aeronautics, communication, photography and of course their most common use is for fun and sport.  Modern kites have evolved from silk and bamboo to ripstop nylon and carbon fiber frames, and are designed to show colors, images, and even replicate animals.

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The Science of Kites

If you are considering buying a kite for your child there is a learning opportunity to understand how kites work.  In order to keep things simple, we’ll focus on the 4 forces of flight.

In order to successfully fly a kite, it must have all 4 forces in balance. Lift equal to weight and thrust equal to drag.

  • Lift – lift is created by differences of air pressure when a breeze moves over a kite.   For example, depending on the angle of the kite, the air flowing over the top will likely be a different speed than the air moving over the bottom of the kite.  If the pressure above the kite is less than below, the kite will rise.
  • Weight – weight is pretty simple, all objects have weight and gravity will impact objects by influencing them to return to earth.  The lighter the object weight, the easier it will keep it in the air.
  • Drag – works like lift but refers to the air pressure over front and back of the object.
  • Thrust – is the force that propels the object.  Kites use natural wind/breeze to get airborne

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Types of Kites

As you are searching for a kite, it’s important to differentiate the different types of kites.  We’ll provide a basic overview of the types but know that kites can be broken down even further from our categories.

If you’re buying for a child, you’ll want to focus on single-line beginner kites.

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Single-Line Beginner Kites

  • Affordable
  • Uses 1 line
  • Frame or frameless (parafoil)
  • Beginner, takes little skill
  • Youth/child

Dual-Line or Quad-Line Kites

  • Better quality and materials
  • Uses 2 lines or bar for control (one line each wrist or hand)
  • Frame or frameless (parafoil)
  • Beginners, intermediate, advanced
  • Takes practice to learn
  • Tricks, control, competition
  • For teenagers or adults

Parafoil Kites (Single-line or Dual-Line)

  • Both single and dual-line
  • Frameless
  • Can be beginner
  • Can be advanced (sport)
  • *Read specifics for each kite

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Beginner Kites for Kids at the Beach

No. 8 Build Your Own Kite (DIY Kite)

Our first option is for hands-on parents who intend to work on a project with their children.  This kite will take a little more effort than the other ready-made beginner kites on our list, however, the satisfaction of creating a DIY kite will provide a learning experience (fingers crossed the kite flies).


  • Creating something and learning
  • Design
  • For youngsters under 10
  • Fun to decorate and fun to fly
  • 20 inch kite and tail
  • String and colors included

>> check price and options on Amazon

Making your own kite is fun, but keep in mind the quality might not be as good as a manufactured kite.  The main role you and your children will play are coloring the kite.

Assembly is straight forward with this kite.  I’d recommend this kite for youngsters who will need help creating and flying the kite.

No. 7 Rainbow Butterfly Kite – aGreatLife

This kite is another rainbow option from aGreatLife.  Much like the Big Rainbow Kite below, this Butterfly Kite is a good single-line kite made from ripstop fabric and steel rods.

It is weather-resistant and fade-proof so it will keep the same beautiful colors for years.


  • Colorful ripstop fabric
  • 50 meter flying line
  • Frame
  • Easily folds for storage
  • Not huge size but fine for beginners

>> check price and options on Amazon

Reviews aren’t as plentiful for this kite however the reviews state that it’s easy to assemble and the 50 meters of flying line allow it to get high.  I like this kite, however, I prefer the the other product that aGreatLife offers: the Huge Rainbow Kite.

It has a lot more positive feedback and is a larger kite that kids will enjoy.

No. 6 Hengda Octopus Kite – Pack of 3 and multiple colors

This kite is great for kids and takes some of the hassle out by using a frameless parafoil nylon.  Unique from the other kites on the list, this kite comes in a pack of 3.

So, if you’re buying for multiple grandchildren, multiple kites might be a fun cost-saving decision.

The Octopus kites are big, including tail 157 inches long and 31 inches wide.  There are multiple color schemes available and this kite is ready to go right out of the bag.


  • 31 Inches Wide w/ Long Tail 157 Inches
  • Comes with 3 kites
  • 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Frameless parafoil
  • Nylon
  • Fly right out of the bag

>> check price and options on Amazon

Reviewers seem to like the 3 for the price on 1 deal and the fact that they are frameless (parafoil). The nylon is strong and resistant to teaching or damage from crashes.

No. 5 Prism EO Atom Box Kite

I wanted to include another Prism kite on this list for all the science nerds out there (like me).  The Atom Box Kite is unique looking and cool.

It will gather some looks and questions on the beach, so if you like a conversation piece, this is a good one.  It works well for both kids and adults – don’t be fooled by its complicated looks, it’s easy to fly.


  • Fun, interesting looking kite
  • Single-line
  • Pulling on the line makes it dance
  • Measures 13.5″ x 19.5″ x 18″ and folds flat for easy storage
  • 200 foot line with 20 lbs line
  • Polyester fabric
  • No assembly required

>> check price and colors on Amazon

This is a smaller single line kite on our list but it may be the most fun.  It moves around a lot and needs some wind to get going.  The reviews are generally good and this would be a fun addition to other kites.

There are a few negatives about the kite not flying well.  It’s to know that Prism has great customer service, so if there’s a problem let them know.

Give this kite a try and if it’s not what you expected contact the company directly.

No. 4 In the Breeze 3D Shark Kite, 7.5 Feet

Imagine a shark this big in the air.  It’s kinda like Jaws out of the water, and even weirder because this shark is black.

This kite is good one for boys and measures 56 inches wide by 90 inches long. It uses ripstop fabric and fiberglass frame rods.

Because it’s a bigger kite, the wind requirements are 6-20 mph (that shouldn’t be a problem at the beach).  The kite comes with a handle and convenient bag.

This is a good kite to get your kids away from video games and out having fun.


  • 7.5 feet long
  • Black shark
  • Ripstop fabric
  • Fiberglass frame rod
  • Comes with string, handle, and bag

>> check price and options on Amazon

There are many positive reviews for the kite and most say it took a few minutes to figure out how to fly it, but once up it was easy.  Some reviewers said they added line and got it way up in the sky.

I like and recommend this kite. “In the Breeze” is a well-known kite company that I trust and I’ve reviewed their products before.

No. 3 Amazona’s Presentz Black Octopus Parafoil Kite Black – Beach


  • 3D  and 24 feet!
  • Handle & String
  • Black and red with eyes
  • Easy to fly
  • Nylon, foldable, simple storage
  • No frame

Remember, parafoil means frameless.  This is a fun kite that’s easy to fly.  It is huge and will draw attention in the sky.

If your child likes standing out from the crowd, he/she will definitely like this octopus.

It’s a good gift idea for the beach.  Once it’s airborne just stick the handle in the sand and watch it fly (as long as there is wind)!

>> check price and options on Amazon

Because it’s a larger kite, it does need a stiff breeze.  Most reviews are complementary to the kite and say it’s well built and flies well.

One negative: it doesn’t come with instructions, but most people can figure it out pretty quickly.  I like this kite and recommend it, especially for boys.

No. 2 Huge Rainbow Kite – aGreatLife

This is a fun kite for boys, girls, and adults.  It is colorful, has a long tail and is 42 inches – big enough to attract attention.

It comes with a string winder, 50 meters of string so you can get this baby high in the sky, and a quality frame.  It is one of the best selling outdoor items on Amazon, so don’t take my word for it.


  • #1 seller
  •  Great gift for summer fun at the beach
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • 42 inches
  • Winder, 50 meter string, and frame
  • Ripstop polyester

>> check price and options on Amazon

The Rainbow Kite has 1,700 reviews and overwhelmingly positive feedback.  Customers say it’s easy to fly for kids and doesn’t take a lot of knowledge or skill – just wait for a breeze and you’re ready to go!

No. 1 Prism Bora Single-line Parafoil Kite

Alright folks, now we’re getting to the high quality single line kites.  Prism is my favorite because they make truly great kites and will last a lifetime if cared for.

Prism has great customer service to boot.

The Prism Bora single-line is considered a beginners kite because it’s simple to use.  It has no frame (parafoil), is lightweight, and is made for travel.  Throw it in the back of your car and use it on a whim.

The Bora parafoil uses ripstop polyester and flies best in 6-25 mph wind.  The size when flying is 49 inches by 32 inches, so it’s decent size.

The 200 feet of line, and 50 lbs line strength will ensure you get the kite high.  The cost is slightly more than the cheaper kites on this list, but its worth it trust me, this kite will last.


  • 49 x 32 inches
  • 200 feet of line
  • Frameless
  • Packs small (keep in the car)
  • Great for beginners or hobbyists
  • Multiple colors
  • High quality

>> check price and reviews on Amazon

Reviews for all Prism products are solid, but people seem to like this parafoil because it’s simple and good for the whole family. Adults can have just as much fun with it as kids can at the beach.

Just need a little breeze (6-25 mph) and you’re in good shape watching this bird fly.

Advanced Dual-Line Kite for Fun at the Beach

 In case you’re looking for more advanced kite options, I’ve highlighted 1 example below.  If you’d like more information on the best stunt or sport kites please check out the link below for another article on stunt/sport/power kites.

Prism Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite

The Prism Synapse is one of Amazon’s best selling kites.  It’s fun, relatively simple to learn, and plenty powerful.  The Synapse kite is 53 x 20 inches and packs to 10 x 5 x 2.5 inches so you can keep it in a small space like you glove compartment.

This kite doesn’t come with a control bar, instead you hold the lines in your hand or wrist to direct the kite for spins, dives, and figure eights. 


  • Affordable
  • Tough ripstop nylon
  • Size options (53 inches – 67)
  • Packs very small
  • 60′ line and 80 lbs of line strength
  • Includes bag, winder, instructions

>> check price and colors on Amazon

I really like this kite a lot, so much it might be my next purchase.

1) When I want to use a kite I’m rarely prepared.  In other words I notice the wind, then I realize my kite is at home in the garage.

This kite packs small so it can be kept in a backpack or the trunk of a car for spontaneous use at the beach or at home with friends.

2) The reviews are almost all positive.  I’ve come to learn that with Prism Company you receive the best quality and there’s no need to worry if the product will last.

3) These parafoil kites are durable – you don’t have to be careful because there’s no frame!.

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Kite Accessories for the Beach

Hengda Kite Professional Kite Line Winder

 This Kite winder comes from the Kite capital of the world – Weifang.  Made of high composite plastic it’s durable.  The line wraps around the wheel.  The reel itself is 20cm and is suitable for flying most single line kites.

The length and line strength comes in multiple sizes.  This one is a long 200 meters and 70 lbs strength.

Imagine how high you can get your kite (almost 600 feet).  Some people even buy these lines and put them on their kites for more height.

>> click to check out price on Amazon

Prism Kite Repair Kit

This repair kit is an option as a gift.  It’s from Prism so you know it’s good quality.  It comes with Tedlar sail repair tape, elbow fittings, sail patches, spar ferrules, wingtip nocks, standoff fittings and more.

Also included is an instruction booklet and travel pouch.

>> check on price and options on Amazon

It can fit in your car unseen with your other kites!  It helps repair frames and parafoil kites.


Thanks for joining us to review the best kids kites for the beach. Almost of the kites we mentioned are for beginners and are perfect for introducing kids to kite flying.

We also covered some of the basics of flight, and the history of kites.

The kites we reviewed were single-line kites, but if you’re interested in dual-line, stunt kites, or power kites, visit our website to find more reviews.  Once you learn how to fly a kite the options are endless.

Don’t forget, kites are a great way to get kids and adults outside!