7 Best Sandbag Kettlebells (sandbag weights) For A Workout

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Did you know there are sandbags made for workouts? Sandbag kettlebells are the perfect gear for the beach because there’s a never-ending supply of sand.

Sandbag kettlebells have gained popularity over the years and have helped transition many people away from conventional weightlifting to functional training. Functional training engages multiple muscle groups with dynamic movements that produce strength and help with activities found in daily life (standing up, jumping, catching a falling baby, and sprinting).

Sandbag weights and sandbag kettlebells are perfect for functional training because they use weight (sand) that is soft yet heavy.  Sand can be added to the bags or taken away to adjust the weight.  This easy adjustment makes it easy to fit each individual’s needs.

I’ve written about beach workouts in another blog post, however, I didn’t mention much about sandbags and sand kettlebells. In today’s article, I’ll review 6 sandbag exercise products that stand out from the rest.

Essentials For A Beach Workout

Best sandbag weight for beach workoutIf you live near the beach you’re lucky. Not only do you get to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and sunsets at the beach but you have a free place to exercise on a daily basis.

Beach workouts are one of the most enjoyable things I do and the best part about beach workouts is that I don’t need much gear.

I’ll go for early morning beach runs on the shore then I’ll head up to the deep sand for pushups, jump squats, and sprints (legs are burning!) My workout sessions are usually brief but if you’re looking for a serious beach workout you should consider these items:

  • Cones for agility and sprints
  • Medicine ball for throws
  • Ladder for footwork
  • Bands for resistance
  • Sandbags and Sandbag Kettlebells

Pros of Sandbags and Sand Kettlebells

There are plenty of things to like about using sandbags for a beach workout.

  • Fill and empty sand at the beach (it’s free and you can leave the sand at the beach after the workout)
  • Can use wet sand for heavier sandbags or dry sand for lighter sandbags
  • Sandbags are durable and won’t break/rip on the sand
  • Sandbags have straps that make lifting, throwing, and swinging easy (range of movements)
  • Some sandbags include kettlebells within
  • Sandbags can be used at home in the garage or backyard
  • Sandbags are soft and conforming – can be thrown over a shoulder
  • Won’t scrape your skin or give you calluses
  • Easy to store when not using
  • Inexpensive compared to traditional weights
  • Won’t damage floors when dropped or thrown

6 Best Sandbag Kettlebells (sandbag weights) For A Beach Workout

#1 Brute Force Sandbags – Heavy Duty Workout

The Brute Force Sandbag is made in the USA and was designed to train Crossfit, military, the FBI, fire departments, and athletes. They market the bag as a product you can slam, toss, beat, drag, and throw so you know it’s durable.

If you’re using this bag on the sand it will add weight to your exercises (crunches, squats, sprints and more) (check Brute Force price on Amazon).


  • 30-day guarantee
  • 4 sets of grip handles (8 total)
  • Made in the USA
  • Fillers that allow you to fill 25 lbs – 400 lbs (choose size)
  • 20 colors to choose from

I like the selection of colors and that it has many handles for picking up the bag. This would be a fun bag to take to the beach and fill with sand. The amount of exercise you can do with the bag depends on your creativity.

#2 Dry Bag Dumbbell w/ Sand

The dry bag dumbbell takes a page from actual dry bags that are used to keep gear dry. This bag, however, is made stronger so you can fill it with sand.

The result is a kettlebell-looking bag that can help you have a great workout.

If you don’t have sand, water can be placed in the bag as well (check the dry bag dumbbell on Amazon).

This dry bag dumbbell is meant for people who are traveling – like sailors on a boat or people who vacation at the beach.


  • Packs small when it’s not being used
  • Sand or Water (It’s waterproof)
  • Max weight 22 lbs water or 36 lbs sand
  • One handle
  • Internal markers for measuring weight

Compared to the other options on the list this bag isn’t one of my favorites. It’s best for people traveling or with limited space and only has one handle.

Although the quality of the bag looks good, I wouldn’t want to throw or slam this sandbag. It comes at a good price (under $20) so people on a budget or those who require a light workout might prefer this bag.

#3 Meister 50lb Elite Fitness Sandbag Kettlebell (3)

Meister makes this sweet fitness sandbag with 8 handles and a pvc shell. I like the look of the bag, but I wish the exterior was canvas so it would be more durable.

The PVC shell looks strong but I’m sure it will scuff and wear down over time. Unfortunately, this sandbag isn’t meant for slamming or throwing (check Meister sandbag and kettlebells on Amazon).

An interesting feature is the inner foam layer that adds some rigidity (I think I prefer a less rigid sandbag).


  • 50 lbs
  • 3 inner kettlebells (10, 15, and 20 lbs)
  • 8 straps
  • PVC exterior and inner foam to make more rigid
  • 24 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Black in color

There are 8 handles on the sandbag to ensure it can be used for a variety of exercises and held comfortably.

What I really like about this fitness sandbag is that 3 kettlebells fit inside the bag 10, 15, and 20 lbs). They can be removed and used individually or combined within the bag to make it heavier.

Whether you’re doing curls, squats, presses, or throws this bag will make it happen.

If using n the beach or in the gym I’m curious how long the PVC exterior will hold up.

There are inner sand fills lines to make measuring the weight of the sand easier.

If you’re working out at the beach you can take the bags empty and fill them up when you arrive – this is exactly why I like the sandbags for beach workouts.

#4 Portable Sand Kettlebell – Meister

If you like the Meister products but don’t require a sandbag, then you might like a kettlebell. This is a smaller option for the beach and can easily be carried empty to and from the sand.

Just fill it up when you get there.

There are hundreds of kettlebell workouts to choose from and whether it’s strengthening the core or building your arms and legs, there is something you can incorporate into your workout (check Meister kettlebell price and sizes).

Similar to Meister’s sandbag, this kettlebell is made with a heavy duty PVC exterior and has a strong yet comfortable neoprene grip. An inner fill line helps you measure the amount of sand you put in (according to weight).

There are 3 kettlebell sizes to choose from 10, 15, 20 lbs. All three are cheaper than the sandbag and come at a reasonable price.

Add this sandbag kettlebell to your beach workout and utilize all that sand!

#5 Meister Backpack Straps For Meister Sandbag (attachment)

Meister makes some nicely designed products and this one is no different. They’ve created backpack straps that attach to the sandbag.

Now you’ve got a sandbag rucksack, perfect for training for backpacking, military, and firefighting.

Care to do sprints with the sandbag? Then this is what you need.

The backpack straps are strong and padded. It’s are adjustable and attach at the clasps using metal D-rings built into the sandbag and holds up to 50 lbs of sand (check backpack straps price on Amazon).

This is an add-on product and doesn’t come with the sandbag but if you’re doing a specific type of training this is a good option (note this only attaches to Meister sandbags).

#6 SKLZ Super Sandbag For Weight Training

SKLZ is an American company based out of Southern California. They make all kinds of training equipment for various sports.

This sandbag trainer is a great addition to their product line and is perfect for beach training. It doesn’ matter what you’re training for (football, volleyball, track and field, or swimming), this sandbag can help with dynamic movements and performance.

I really like the outer cover (similar to the Brute Force and more durable than the Meister). It also comes with plenty of handles (6) and carries up to 40 pounds but some customers say they fit more.

The closure is secured by a strong zipper and the bag includes smaller removable bags that add up to 10-40 lbs (10 lbs each). The bag isn’t as heavy as the Brute Force bags but it’s still good for a beach workout and I like that it’s adjustable (check SKLZ sandbag on Amazon).

The bag measures 13.1 x 4 x 10 inches and weighs 1 lbs when empty. Similar to the other bags, you must provide the sand but don’t worry you can fill them up at the beach.

#7 Hyperwear Sandbell Sandbag Trainer

Consider the Hyperwear Sandbell Trainer as a soft medicine ball. I like this product a lot, mainly because it’s durable and made to be thrown and slammed.

The cover and shape are unlike the other options on our list. It’s disc-shaped and covered with neoprene. The neoprene is slightly stretchy and is safe for floors.

It’s versatile too and can be used as a medicine ball, dumbbell, kettlebell, and slam ball. You can even play catch with it (see how far you can throw it) and throw it over a shoulder to run with it (check sizes and price on Amazon).

Because of the shape, it works on grip strength while you use it. The sizes of the sandbell vary from 2 – 50 lbs so it can be a lightweight workout or a heavy workout for athletes.

This is the only product on our list that comes pre-filled with sand! That means you won’t have to bother filling it up at the beach, but you will have to carry it back and forth.

I’m not sure what’s easier so you’ll have to decide what’s best for your needs.


Beach workouts are enjoyable for many reasons. The scenery, sunsets, and fresh air are enough to get me exercising on the beach.

Even though I rarely need gear there are a few items I use to get a great workout. Medicine balls and cones help with strength and agility, but I never like carrying a medicine ball to the beach.

An answer to carrying heavy workout gear to the beach is using sandbags that you can fill up once you arrive. It’s a great idea, right?

Just carry your empty bag to the beach fill it up for the workout and empty it as you leave.

The Brute Force Sandbags are my favorite because they are a durable product made in the USA. They offer plenty of sizes and are intended to be thrown, dragged, and slammed.

No matter what you do, the Brute Force Sandbags won’t break.

There are other items on this list that are useful too. The dry bag dumbbell is good for simple workouts and people who don’t have much space.

The Meister sandbag and kettlebells are good for beach workouts too (just make sure the outer shell will hold up over time).

The Hyperware is another great product but I wish it didn’t come pre-filled so I could fill and empty after each use.

I hope this article put you on the right path to find the sandbag exercise gear of your choice. Let us know about your beach workouts in the comments below. As usual thanks for reading!