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Don’t deny it, you’ve thought about this before.  We all have.  Going to the beach is one of the most enjoyable aspects of summer.

You get fresh air, warm weather, hopefully warm water, and you get to work on your tan.  Better yet, you get to check out all the other beach bods.

It may sound superficial but its true: there are always good looking people at the beach and the best looking people are usually the lifeguards.  Why are lifeguards so attractive? They are top-shelf.  They have the best tans, they’re in excellent shape, and they are in control.

While at university I spent a lot of time at the beach.  I was in San Diego – a city with a huge college population and great weather.

People gravitated to the beaches and bars.  Year-round my roommates and I would hang out at the beach.  Sometimes it was for swimming, other times exercise, and occasionally in the evenings we would have bonfires.

We even got to know some of the lifeguards.  They would give us tips on where to swim and where to park.  Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet any female lifeguards.  Whether you’re a girl or guy, you’ll be able to use some of these tips to approach and flirt with a lifeguard. Best of luck!

How To Approach A Hot Lifeguard At The Beach

No. 1 Ask them a question that leads to conversation

So this is the most obvious choice.  There are a lot of beach rules.  They include:

  • Safety for swimming and surfing
  • Daily tides and swell
  • Permits for alcohol and bonfires
  • Time of day (beach closure or lifeguard closure)

You can approach a lifeguard or lifeguard tower fairly easily to ask these questions.  I believe at most beaches they encourage interaction with the lifeguards to educate the public.  If you routinely go to the beach and sit in a specific spot, it would be a good idea to introduce yourself and develop a rapport with the person keeping an eye on you and your friends.

If you do decide to approach a lifeguard to start a conversation make sure you can keep the conversation going.  One of the best advice I was ever given about approaching a good looking girl was to “ask about topics that I’m already familiar with”.

Why do this? The answer is easy.  If you ask questions about a topic you’re familiar with, it’s easier to continue the conversation and discuss it in depth.

If you ask about riptides but know nothing about riptides, you’ll get an answer from the lifeguard and the conversation will be finished.  If you ask about sunscreen and know a lot about SPF and sun damage to skin, you’ll be able to ask follow up questions and eventually hit on the lifeguard by complimenting him/her on their tan.

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No. 2 Get them involved in your game

So, I understand that lifeguards on duty won’t be playing your beach games.  In fact, they aren’t allowed to because they need to be scanning the beach.

If you’re situated near a lifeguard tower it would be a good flirting opportunity to through them the football or frisbee.  You’ll need to have good accuracy but it can be done.  And 1 or 2 throws are allowed for a lifeguard, plus it’s a good icebreaker to start a conversation later.

Even better, write a note on a ball and throw it to them.  You’ll need a pen to write on the ball, but hey it’s worth a shot.  In Major League Baseball, players use to write their numbers on baseballs and throw them to good looking girls in the stands.  It’s a bold move but it could work.

No. 3 Leave a note 

Another option with less stress would be to leave a note at the lifeguard tower in the evening.  If you’re too intimidated to flirt with a lifeguard face-to-face, this might be your best bet.

Lifeguards don’t work at night and they’ll likely have the same post for multiple days.  If you leave a note, make sure you describe the lifeguard you’re interested in because you don’t want the wrong lifeguard to respond (that would be a big surprise).

If all goes as planned they will get it the next day, feel flattered, and send you a message to say hi.

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You might think about getting cute and want to write a message in the sand.  If you’re writing in the sand for the following day it won’t work because many beaches rake their sand.  If you want to write while the lifeguard is on duty, that might be fun!

No. 4 Swim or surf in a no-swim/surf area

This one is for bad behavior, so you’ll be starting off on the wrong foot.  Depending on how smooth you are you might be able to make the lifeguard smile after they’ve warned you.

At most beaches, there are clear markers (flags) for swimming areas, surfing areas, and neither in case of riptides or undercurrents.  You’ll likely know where these areas are because of the flags and because no one will be swimming there.

If you’re feeling naughty, go test the waters and keep an eye on the lifeguard.  More than likely they will jump up and have to walk down the beach to tell you.  Hopefully, they won’t use their megaphone.

No. 5 Ask about Lifeguard workouts

If No. 4 is too dangerous for you, you can ask the lifeguard about workouts, requirements, and lessons.  Yes, this option is similar to No. 1. but lifeguards go through rigorous training and most would be happy to share how they trained or became certified.  In my 20’s I always worked out at the beach in the early morning.  I would usually see lifeguard training for youth.  The training was intense, similar to an Ironman Triathlon, without the biking of course.

Many lifeguards also happen to give lessons whether it be swim lessons, lifeguarding lessons, or as a personal trainer.  Inquiring about their jobs and offerings is complementary in itself since most people enjoy sharing their own experiences.

If the lifeguard offers some sort of personal training, it might be the easiest way into their life!

No. 6  Act like you’re drowning

Okay this is a horrible idea.  If you find this as the best option, you either lack communication skills or really like a challenge.  This won’t win over any lifeguard, even if you’re an expert sweet talker.  Lifeguarding may seem like a relaxing job, but their job can be stressful.

If someone drowns or is eaten by a shark on their watch it reflects badly on them and they will live with the guilt as the responsible lifeguard on duty.  Even worse, if you fake a drowning and focus is taken away from the rest of the beach, the fault may be placed on you if other people really have an emergency.

I’ve known one guy who knows how to hit on a lifeguard. His name is Squints….and he’d been  “planning it for years”.

If you’ve ever seen the movie The Sandlot, this strategy reminds me of the pool scene with Squints and Wendy Peffercorn.  Squints new exactly what he was doing when he jumped off the diving board in the deep end without knowing how to swim.  Wendy Peffercorn saved him by giving him mouth-to-mouth and they ended up living happily ever after.


This article provided a few options on “how to approach a hot lifeguard at the beach”.  Most are silly, but a few of these have potential.  Give them a try and let us know if you have success.

Lifeguards are at the beach to help swimmers and interact with them.  Don’t be afraid to talk to them, ask questions, and get to know them.  Enjoy your time at the beach, I hope this helps!

Note:  Due to safety concerns we don’t recommend acting like you are drowning or swimming in a dangerous area.  These options were meant in jest.