Beach House Names and Puns (For Homes Near The Sea)

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Have you ever thought of naming your beach house? Naming your beach home with a funny pun might seem like a silly idea however a name can give you home a personality of its own.

When we name something, we humanize it.  We might have a dog named Chuck or a cat named Chuckles.

We name our vehicles too and many are puns.  General Lee was the name given to the 1969 Charger in Dukes of Hazzard while Eleanor was the name of the Ford Mustang in Gone in 60 Seconds.

Whether it’s children, pets, cars, or homes, it’s fun to assign names and bring out their personality.  In this article we’ll look at some of the best beach house names and puns.  Let’s get started.

Beach House Names and Puns

SeapriseSeayaSea ViewShore ThingYou Shore?
Sea BreezeHarbor HideawaySun of a BeachSunset OdysseyOctopus Odyssey
Nest EggWaverlyHideawayPlan BWave Runner
Shell ShackSandy ShoresCurrent ResidentHigh TideShore Break
Beach HavenCoral CasitaSand DollarCrab ShackCozy Clam
Sea ViewThe SundownerSwellRising TideSeal Shack
Sand ShackSeagull ShackBlue Fin BungalowShark ShackShark Tank
Coral CottageLobster LodgeThe Jetty JointPerch PadPelican Pad
Seagull's NestSea Lion's LairPorpoise PadDolphin's DenSand Shelter
Pirate PerchSail AwayCrow's NestThe AlbatrossPirate Cave
Diver's ChamberDiver's DenSnorkel ShackWave RiderBay Watch
Bay BungalowThe SunbatherCaptain's CabinCaptain's CabanaSea Bird Shack
Solar ShackSandcastleThe SunriserSunset ShackLobster Locale
Tsunami Barrel RiderSea BreezeBoardwalk BungalowBeside the Point
Ship ShapeDune Our ThingSea BiscuitSea SectionSea Horse

Why We Name Beach Homes

Why don’t we give a name our home in the suburbs, but we give a name our beach home or lake home?  It’s a good question.  The simple truth is that we live in our suburban homes, condos, or apartments out of necessity.

Maybe it’s the best location for a family (schools and traffic), or maybe it’s close to our employment.  Although we take care of our home we dream of a beach house or house by the lake.

There’s no doubt a beach home, even if we spend less time there, is more special than our “everyday home or apartment”.

Beach homes are often used as rental properties.  Naming a beach house is a great marketing idea and creates name recognition or branding.

If you don’t believe me just walk on the beach at Mission Beach in San Diego and you’ll see many rentals displaying names and puns on the boardwalk.

Beach house names often become a point of conversation and the good names are remembered.  These days it’s pretty easy to google the name of the beach house you saw to view its rental prices.

A catchy name or pun can go a long way in the beach house rental business.

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How To Name A Beach House

There are a few points to remember when naming your beach house:

  • Make sure the name reflects the look of the house and neighborhood

A fancy house amongst a wealthy enclave probably shouldn’t be called “The Crab Shack”.  It cheapens the house and area.  In fact, your neighbors might not like that name either.

If you’re in a beach area with 1950’s styled bungalows then “The Crab Shack” or “Pirate’s Perch” might be the perfect name.  Pick a name that suits the look and style of the home.

  • If renting, consider the clientele you want to attract

Do you have a college or university nearby? Would the perfect renters be students?  If so, come up with a fun and catchy name that will make college students laugh like “Sun of a Beach”.

Are you wanting to attract families?  Then go for an elegant name with a beach theme.

  • Consider the area of your home regarding the water

Is your beach house in a harbor?  Is it located in a marina?  Maybe it’s near the best surfing in the area?  Or does your area has the best crab hunting?

Find a name that goes with the theme of the area.  If you live in a harbor you probably shouldn’t name your beach house “Surfer’s Point”.  Something like “Sailor’s Delight” might make more sense.

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Experience With Naming a Beach House

In the early 2000’s my family purchased a small beach house in Southern California.  It was a tiny place but perfect for a weekend getaway.  Even better was the location in the city.  Everything we needed was walkable.

Early on we considered renting the home when we weren’t there.  VRBO or AirBnB made the most sense for short-term rentals and we could still use it when needed.

We brainstormed ways to market the home and because it was so small we highlighted the location.  We decided on the name “Harbor Hideaway”.

Although we never rented it out we kept the name.  Harbor Hideaway sounded much better than calling it “our house”.  Best of all the name represents the house perfectly.

It’s in a quiet location, tucked in amongst beautiful homes.  If you didn’t know the area you wouldn’t realize it existed.

We love our Harbor Hideaway and if we were to rent it, we know it’s an accurate description of the home.

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I hope you enjoyed the best beach house names and puns.  We give names to things that are most important to us like our family, pets, cars, and yes, our homes.

Choosing a name for a vacation home is a fun activity for the whole family.  The possibilities are endless.  For the Spanish inspired names choose a name with casita or cabana.

For the pirate-themed home consider A’hoy or Captain.  These names are especially important if you plan to rent the home as a beach house because they are memorable and bring to life a property!

Most importantly, chose a name that captures the style of the house, neighborhood, and surrounding area (harbor, lagoon, bay, or waves).

Choosing the name for our beach house took a while and a lot of brainstorming but once we came up with Harbor Hideaway we knew it fit the house properly.  We wish you the best in naming your beach home!