Beach Sand And Baby Powder (Does It Work)

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The beach sand and baby powder secret is one of the best tips I know. I’m about to tell you how it works and I’ll even demonstrate it for you with photos to so you know it works.

When you visit the beach you accept the fact that sand is going to stick to your legs and arms. You return from the water to your towel and the sand sticks to your wet legs. You try to keep your limb on the towel but it’s always too small and your elbows and knees hang over the edge.

You prepare to leave and you make sure to wipe your legs off with a towel before getting in the car. Some how you arrive home with more sand on your body than you remembered. How did this happen!

In the sections below I’ll walk you through the steps for using baby powder to remove beach sand. It’s relatively straight forward but I’ll provide before and after photos as well. Let’s see how it works!

Does Baby Powder Get Rid Of Beach Sand (Yes It Does!)

Step 1: Keep Baby Powder In The Car

The key to using baby powder to remove beach sand it to have it with you! Most people don’t take baby powder to the beach and most people would forget to take it with them. However, using baby powder should be done at your car after leaving the beach.

I recommend keeping baby powder (also known as talcom powder) in the glove box or in the trunk of your car that way you don’t carry it around. Once you’re back at the car you can use it before leaving.

use baby powder to remove beach sand

Step 2: Lightly Apply The Baby Powder On Sandy Legs, Feet, Arms

I learned that you don’t need much. Baby powder does a great job at absorbing moisture so it’s fine if your skin is a little damp.

Once you’ve applied the baby powder to your body, let it soak in a moment before wiping.

Step 3: Use Your Hands Or A Towel To Rub In The Baby Powder

baby powder gets rid of beach sand

As you rub in the baby powder you’ll also be rubbing off the sand. The baby powder dries your skin and sand so it will literally fall off. It’s amazing.

You can do this while sitting on the back of your car or standing up. Just make sure you don’t do it while in your vehicle.

Step 4: Make Sure To Get In Between Your Fingers And Toes

Sand tends to stick in the crevices and folds of skin, the baby powder will remove the sand from around your nails just make sure you wipe the sand away.  Some powder will remain but that’s ok.  You can see in my pictures how great it worked.

Step 5: Feel And Smell Fresh On Your Drive Home

I liked using the baby powder to remove the sand from my legs but I liked how I felt afterward even better. After being at the beach all day I felt fresh and my skin felt soft and smooth – this is an added benefit to using baby powder after the beach.

You’re family members will be happy they don’t have to clean the car and you’ll be happy the house isn’t covered in sand

Optional Step: Can Also Be Used In Your Hair baby powder removes beach sand

Baby powder can also help dry and freshen up your hair after the beach. If you were in the water you probably have lots of sand tangled in your hair.

Sprinkle the baby powder on your head and shake out the sand.  You might need to comb it a bit to get the white powdery color out. Yes this actually works!

Final Thoughts

I’ve spent hours cleaning up sand from my room, my backpack, and my car. Sand is perfect for the beach but it’s sure annoying when it comes home with you.

I always make sure to wipe down my feet before I get in the car however I always seem to miss some.

Since I’ve been using baby powder I feel like I get rid of more sand and I feel more fresh going home. I’ve been converted and I’ll be keeping a bottle of baby powder in my glove compartment. You should too!