11 Best Beach Gifts For The Guy In Your Life

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Whether it’s a holiday or birthday, you need to find a great beach gift for him. You know he likes the beach so that narrows it down, but you’re lacking beach knowledge to make the best decision.

What beach items do guys like?

I grew up at the beach and I’ve received plenty of beach gifts; some better than others. I’ve compiled a list below that will guide you in the right direction.

I did my best to provide ocean gifts like snorkels and paddle board as well as shore gifts like a stunt kite and a backpack beach chair.

Note: Some of the worst beach gifts I have received were clothes and sandals (I even received a wetsuit).  They weren’t bad gifts but they were always the wrong size.

I don’t recommend clothes or sandals as a good beach gift because people are fickle about sizing. Rather than worry about picking the wrong size, choose one of the beach gifts below!

Beach Gift For Guys

#1 Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand up paddle boards are fun and a great workout. If the guy in your life enjoys a challenge then a SUP board is a perfect beach gift.

Paddle boards are versatile so they’ll be a great gift for the casual paddler, or someone who wants a serious workout, and for someone who wants to ride waves (yes you can surf with a paddle board if you know what you’re doing!).

Check our out sizing chart and review of the best paddle boards to find the right height and weight dimensions.

I strongly suggest going with an inflatable paddle board rather than the rigid option because they’re easier to store and travel with (inflatables don’t require a roof rack). Paddle boards come with an oar, fins, travel bag, and many come with an air pump so he’ll be ready to go.

#2 GoPro

GoPro’s are a fun way to capture memories at the beach. They double for photos and for video and they don’t mind getting wet.

If the guy in your life has an artistic side, or if you just want more photos and videos of him, consider getting him GoPro to share memories at the beach.

I like the HERO Session (check GoPro on amazon) best because it doesn’t need a waterproof case – it comes ready to go and is waterproof to a depth of 33 feet. The HERO is slim and can be held with just your thumb and index finger (1.4 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches).

Don’t forget the fun GoPro accessories like a head strap to capture video hands-free.

#3 Spike Ball

If you haven’t visited the coast in a while you’re probably not familiar with Spike Ball. Over the past decade, it’s become one of the most popular beach games.

Spike Ball tournaments are hosts at most large beaches throughout the U.S. and the sport has caught on in other countries like Australia too.

Spike Ball (check price on Amazon) is a must-have beach item for anyone who frequents the beach. It’s easy to set up and play and doesn’t require much space.

The game is played with 4 people (2 vs 2) and uses a ball and a mini-trampoline like playing surface. Check out the video below to see how it works.

#4 Oversized Beach Towel

You might think a beach towel lacks imagination as a gift, but you’d be surprised at how many guys would appreciate an XL beach towel.

Anyone over 6 feet tall understands that beach towels are just too small. Yet we continue to use them because smaller towels are the norm.

Every time I visit the beach my arms and legs hang off the towel and end up with sand all over them (read how baby powder removes sand). I’m one of those guys that would appreciate a practical gift like an oversized beach towel. It’s something I need and something that works!

If the beach lover in your life likes practical beach gifts, get him something he will use every time he visits the beach! Check out our beach towel reviews that include oversized options.

#5 Binoculars best beach gift for guys

Does the beach lover in your life enjoy looking at ships? Does he find it fun to look for dolphins and whales on the horizon?

Binoculars are great for the beach and a perfect activity from a beach house balcony or from a spot on the sand. They are versatile so they can be used for bird watching, hunting, and hiking too.

I use my binoculars to check out the military ships coming in and out of the harbor. Occasionally I’ll see dolphins and seals too.

Read more about the best binoculars for the beach to see the best gift options.

#6 Hat

Every guy needs a beach hat so it’s an easy beach gift. You either wear a hat or your ears, nose and neck become really sunburned. Sunscreen just isn’t enough!

Any wide-brimmed hat will do, but make sure it provides good coverage and air flow.

The key to a good beach hat is finding one that’s not too expensive. Beach hats tend to get sandy, they can blow away and you might even go in the ocean with it.

Beach hats shouldn’t be fancy. I like this O’Neill surf hat made of straw – it’s stylish, lightweight comes with plenty of good reviews at a reasonable price.

#7 Huge And Lightweight Beach Blanket

Towels work great for drying off but they aren’t so effective to lay on. These lightweight beach blankets are huge and offer a place to sit for a family of 5 and it’s the perfect beach gift for him.

Even better is these large blankets pack into a tiny bag that can fit in a pocket (it takes up little space).

Modern beach blankets are made from lightweight non-rip nylon – the same material that’s used in parachutes. There are a bunch of colors to choose from and they do a great job keeping your towels off the sand and keeping your family away from the sand.

#8 Stunt Kite

Stunt kites are one of my favorite hobbies while at the beach. It’s no secret that beaches can get windy in the late afternoon. Once the wind picks up most beachgoers leave, but that’s the perfect time for kite flying.

There are various types of stunt kites but I prefer the dual line parafoil kites. They take little skill (I don’t have much skill) and they’re fun to fly even if the wind is minimal.

Parafoil kites are the same kites that kite borders use in the ocean. I use a smaller parafoil kite that is fun to use on land (here are the best stunt kites for the beach).

On windy days stunt kites can be a real workout and make your arms tired. They take some practice to learn but kids and adults can learn quickly and have some fun while doing so.  If your man like learning new things, a stunt kite makes a good beach gift for him.

#9 Diving Mask and Snorkel best beach gifts for him

Outside of riding the waves, snorkeling was one of the first things I learned in the ocean and it’s still one of my favorite things to do. Snorkels can be used for a variety of ocean activities that include:

  • Spearfishing and lobster hunting
  • Exploring fish, corral, and aquatic life
  • Scuba diving

I’ve never been spearfishing but I do have my scuba certification. But rather than scuba, I prefer the simplicity of snorkeling while I float on the water.

Having a good snorkel and mask are essential for anyone who loves the ocean. Masks can be inexpensive, but be wary of the material around the mask. Silicone works best to create a seal.

I like frameless masks because they are easier to travel with and lightweight – they also do a better job of adapting to the users face. The Aqua Lung Micro Mask is a perfect minimalist mask for all facial sizes.

#10 Beach Chair With Carrying Straps

Does the guy in your life complain when taking gear from the car to a spot on the beach. His hands are likely loaded with towels, snacks and water, umbrella, and sunblock.

If he likes sitting in a chair the matter becomes more complicated.

Enter the Tommy Bahama beach chair.  It has carrying straps and convenient pockets. It makes a good beach gift that will last years and reduce the load he has to carry to and from the beach (more info on Tommy Bahama chairs here).

Tommy Bahama is a well-known fashion brand for the beach. Not only does the chair look good but it’s functional with a cup holder and pockets for smaller items like sunscreen, keys, phone, and his wallet.

# 11 Wheeled Ice Chest

If the man in your life goes to the beach with friends and family he’ll need an ice chest that holds plenty of drinks and snacks. For weekends at the beach, an ice chest is the perfect answer to stay cool, however, it can be a real hassle to move on the beach.

In fact, I avoid taking an ice chest to the beach because they’re so heavy and hard to carry.

An ice chest with oversized wheels will help him navigate deep sand and impress friends and family. This is yet another practical beach gift that will be utilized outside of the beach too (check out the best beach ice chest options).

Big wheels make life easier whether he’s in the backyard or enjoying the weekend at the beach. He will appreciate the help.


Finding the right beach gift for a guy isn’t easy. Most of the time he will say “why’d you get me this” or “I really don’t need this”. But you know he enjoys the beach so you’re on the right path to find the best beach gift.

As someone who’s spent a few decades at the beach I understand what guys need and what guys like. The beach is meant for fun and relaxation so I compiled a list that includes functional and fun items.

Even if you don’t find something on this list I hope it provides some ideas that you can explore. Choosing a beach gift for someone isn’t easy, especially guys, but a beach gift is never a bad idea.