11 Best Beach Gifts For Your Girl (Gift for Her)

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You’re searching for a gift and the girl in your life loves the beach. So why not make it a beach gift for her?

There are millions of people that live near the beach, and a beach gift is a good way to show you care. Even if she already has beach gear, there are plenty of options to choose from, including active gear for women like stand up paddleboards and GoPro’s.

There are also more simple beach gifts like a beach towel or bag.

I’ve compiled a list of beach gifts for the woman in your life. I’m sure you will find a beach gift for her, that matches her lifestyle. Let’s get started.

11 Best Beach Gifts For Her

#1 Sandless Beach Bag

Sandless mats and bags have become a popular way to avoid sand at the beach. You have to admit that playing in the sand is fun, however, it’s not fun when you take the sand home with you.

Sandless mats and beach bags work the same way by filtering sand out of the bag. Tiny pores in the bag allow sand to exit the bag without losing your things.

As you walk from the beach the sand will find it’s way out and it won’t end up in your car.

I like the CGear Sand-Free Tote on Amazon. It comes in an attractive color and is relatively inexpensive. I’m sure your beach-loving gal will appreciate it.

#2 Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

Stand up paddleboards are just for the guys. I see just as many girls on the boards as I do guys and because women are lightweight and have good balance, they usually do quite well.

Stand up paddleboards are a great workout for a bay but you can also ride the waves with them. SUP’s take a day or two to learn but it’s an easy activity to learn.

There are even yoga paddleboards (check out my best paddle board reviews).

Paddleboards come at a higher price compared to the other items on this list, but they are well worth the investment and they’ll last a decade or more. There are inflatable boards (my recommendation) and there are ridged boards that require a truck or roof rack to transport.

If the girl in your life is active, she’ll love a stand-up paddleboard.

#3 Luxury Beach Towel

Beach towels are a dime a dozen. Open any closet and you’re bound to find a beach towel. Some people even use them as a shower towel for the house.

Few people give much thought to a beach towel but virtually all people recognize a nice towel when they use it.

I wrote an article that discusses the best beach towels. There are various options to choose from including quick-drying microfiber, oversized beach towels, 100% cotton with fun designs.

Don’t let the woman in your life settle for a plain beach towel. Find one that is unique, shows style, and makes her stand out.

#4 Beach Cover Up or Wrap

When women are at the beach they wear their bathing suit, however, most people want to be covered up when going to and from their car. And, they want to cover up in style.

Putting on shorts and a shirt is a hassle so a lightweight cover-up or wrap works best for the beach. I like this tunic cover on Amazon.

It covers up the body enough to wear at a beachside bar or party but still has a beach feel to it. It’s also light enough that it won’t get hot.

There are plenty of other styles to choose from and they come at an affordable price. Sizing isn’t much of an issue because they are meant to be loose and airy. One size will fit medium to extra large.

#5 GoPro

If your loved one has an artistic side, go with a GoPro. A few years ago, GoPro was the #1 gift because they were a brand new product.

GoPro continues to refine it’s product and offers high-quality video on a tiny device. Some GoPro’s are handheld while others can be attached to a headband (there are plenty of accessories).

Surfers, snorkelers, and windsurfers use GoPro’s in the water, Make sure you choose a water-resistant GoPro that works well on the beach and in the water. A GoPro will help your loved one capture memories with friends and family!

#6 Natural Sun Screen

Sunscreen…we all need it but why doesn’t it have to feel terrible on our skin. And why are the lotions always full of chemicals. If you’re like me you wear sunscreen reluctantly and try to remove it as soon as you get home.

I always hope my skin doesn’t break out, but sometimes it does.

Believe it or not, there are natural sunscreens available that are okay for your skin and okay for the environment. The problem is you won’t find them at your nearest convenience store (they always have the cheap ones).

I wrote about the best sunscreens for kids, adults, and the environment and found a number of sunscreens that were free from harmful chemicals. They’re similarly priced to regular sunscreen but in most cases, you have to buy them online.

#7 Beach Tent

There’s never shade on the beach! Sure, you can take an umbrella but it won’t work very well if the sand is soft or if there’s wind.

Beach tents have become a popular way to escape the heat while on the beach. They’re especially good for families that have younger kids.

You might be thinking: “it’s no fun to put a tent together and take it down”. Don’t worry, most beach tents are “pop-up beach tents”, meaning they’re ready to go in a few seconds.

If the beach-loving girl in your life spends all her weekends at the beach, investigate to see if she has a beach tent. If not, she probably wants one and it would make a great gift!

#8 Beach Blanket

Don’t confuse a beach blanket with a beach towel. A beach blanket provides a large area to lay on while the towel is saved for drying off.

Beach blankets aren’t your typical “blankets”. Rather, they use a super-lightweight nylon that is easy to pack and large enough to fit 5-7 people (sometimes more).

The nylon material resembles parachute material and can fit into a stuff sack the size of your hand (check out my review of the best beach blankets).

Beach blankets work extremely well for travelers who don’t have space for bulky towels and would rather sit on something lightweight.

#9 Sunglasses

Everyone needs sunnies. But there’s a real problem that occurs when you take your nice sunglasses to the beach..sand gets on the glasses and can scratch nice lenses.

Here’s a tip for the gal in your life: Don’t let her take nice sunglasses to the beach. You can help out by getting her a stylish, yet inexpensive pair so she can leave her fancy glasses in the car.

Here are a bunch of quality, yet inexpensive sunglasses from Amazon.

Just make sure they are polarized and UV protected so those sun rays don’t harm her eyes!

#10 Beach Umbrella

I have a love-hate relationship with umbrellas. Sometimes they work great and they are life-savers. But other times they won’t stay up, or the wind blows them over.

It depends on the day and the climate.

Umbrellas are helpful and serve a purpose, just make sure you get a good quality umbrella.

As a gift, you’ll want to double up with an anchor, which helps screw the pole deep into the ground (more secure).

Umbrellas come in a few shapes and sizes. I wrote about the best beach umbrellas under $50 and mentioned the helpful anchor in another blog article.

#11 Snorkel and Mask

Does your beach-loving girl love to be in the water? If she lives near a beach that’s known for snorkeling, consider a nice mask.

Chances are she already has a mask but is it a good quality mask? Does it fit her properly?

Most masks come in one size and are made with cheap material that breaks after a year or so.

I recently bought a mask for small faces, made with silicone, and it’s frameless. It’s my dream mask and will probably last forever. Nice diving masks cost around $100 but they will last forever if taken care of.

Masks are most important and many will include a snorkel too.


When I moved to the beach I needed a lot of gear. Some items were basic like sunscreen and a beach towel. Other items became hobbies or a way to workout (SUP or stunt kite).

Needless to say, there are a lot of beach items that work well as gifts. If the woman in your life loves the beach, she’ll be happy with just about anything.

An important point to consider is that many beach-loving people exercise at the beach. Medicine balls, sand socks, volleyballs and spike ball are other options for her to stay busy at the beach.

Let us know what you chose in the comments and share if we missed a good idea. I’m always looking to expand the list.