10 Best Beach Themed Décor For Your Home

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A beach themed home is a great way to complement the area in which you live. Beach themes work well for people who live near the beach, or who have a beach house.

The good news is there are plenty of beach options for your house. From artwork to homemade crafts, it’s relatively easy to give your house a beachy feel.

I especially like the porthole mirror and beach bedding, but read through our list of 10 beach themed décor options!

beach theme decor for your home

  1. Porthole Mirror

beach house decor porthole mirror Portholes are commonly found on ships and planes. They’re sometimes called a bulls-eye window. The circular shape gives a porthole strength against wind and water and they always have a tight seal.

Portholes are commonly seen on the bottom half of the ship to allow sunlight and air to enter areas below deck where it tends to be damp and dark.

You probably won’t be installing a porthole window in your beach house, however, you can still get the look with a mirror.

In our beach house we have multiple porthole mirrors in various sizes (I like this porthole mirror on Amazon). Although you can certainly use them over the sink, they look great over a couch in a family room or on a bedroom wall.

  1. Beach Paintings

A beach themed house can’t be without a few paintings. If you’re an artist, you can paint your own artwork and hang them for guests to enjoy. If you’re a photographer you can do the same, preferably of local beaches that people will recognize.

If you’re buying artwork, your best bet is to buy from a local artist. In most beach towns there are at least a few artists who paint or photograph scenic areas in your area.

If not, you can find plenty of beach prints on Amazon and buy an inexpensive frame to make it look great!

  1. Seashells

beach house decor seashells Seashells are the perfect way to add beach décor to your house. Why you ask? Because seashells are free and they’re fun to look for on walks at your local beach.

Seashells come in all shapes and colors, and over a few months, you can easily collect a few dozen shells that are in good condition.

There are a number of ways to decorate with seashells but I like to fill a glass jar with shells and keep them on a window seal or kitchen counter.

In a glass jar, you won’t have to worry about dusting them or cleaning because you can seal the top with a lid.

  1. Beach Sign

beach decor sign Wooden signs are another popular house decoration. In homes across American you’ll see signs that read “Eat”, “Family”, and “Love” but near the beach, it’s better to go with “Beach” or “Beach House”.

Additional sings might read “Sunshine”, “Waves”, or “Sand and Sun”. There are plenty of generic beach signs that look great in a house, however, you can make your own too (check out the selection of beach signs on Amazon).

If you’re handy you can outline your sign on scrap wood and paint over it to match the color of your walls.

  1. Beach Binoculars

Binoculars are a must at every beach house. Even if you don’t have an ocean view you’ll want binoculars for evening walks on the beach. It’s fun to look for whales and dolphins in the ocean. There are plenty of birds to view as well.

We have a pair of binoculars handing near our balcony – check out my article on the best beach binoculars for whale watching.

Even if you don’t use binoculars they look great as a decoration in a beach house.

  1. Beach Birds

Pelicans, seagulls, cormorants, and plovers make up much of the birds at the beach. Some beach birds are small and run across the sand, while others like the pelican are large and fly overhead before diving into the sea.

When you’re at the beach you can view them with your binoculars but they also make good wall art (no, not real birds).

Birds made from wooden carvings look great on a wall or standing on a coffee table. They go great alongside seashells too

  1. Beach Themed Bedding

beach house decor bedding Bedding is one of the most obvious places for beach décor. Whether it’s a child’s bedroom or the master suite, beach themed bedding can do a lot to bring the house together.

Right now, we’re using a blue and white anchor pattern for our blanket. It’s relatively easy to find beach themed sheets on Amazon. Options range from shell printed blankets to anchors, and ships.

For kids, pirate ship and mermaid bedding are great options that they will enjoy.

  1. Sailing Magazines

If you don’t have a subscription to sailing magazines don’t worry. A few beach-themed magazines can be picked up at your local bookstore and sometimes the local sailing shop (like West Marine) will have some nautical magazines.

Purchase a few beach-themed magazines and keep them on the coffee table for people to peruse.

Beach themed magazines are inexpensive and let everyone know they’re near the beach!

  1. Lighthouses

lighthouse beach decor We mentioned using wooden birds as decoration and lighthouses can work the same way. Miniature lighthouses are commonly used to decorate houses near the sea. Some people even collect lighthouses.

If there’s a lighthouse in your area, chances are you can purchase a replica that will look great in your house.

Lighthouses look great on a bookshelf, end table or a window ledge.  Here are a few lighthouses listed on Amazon.

  1. Beach Pillows

It’s safe to say you have couches and pillows in your beach house. Pillow covers can be an easy way to make a beach house more beach-like and there are plenty of design options available (Amazon has a wide selection).

Anchors, sharks, turtles, dolphins, whales, waves, rocks, and sand. Pick a design that fits with your house – you can have a few different covers and rotate them.


Beach themed décor is important for a beach house. It makes people feel like their on vacation and reminds them where they are. Beach décor is also great for a rental – guest will appreciate the beach feel whether they are on the sand or back at the house.

Choosing beach themed décor is simple and there are plenty of options available. It can range from artwork to bedding, to seashells, and lighthouses. Make sure you have functional décor, like binoculars, as well.

You can find beach décor in summer-themed stores and also find options online. Hopefully, this article guides you in the right direction and helps transform your home with beach themed décor.