How To Keep Sand Off You At The Beach (7 Great Ways)

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The beach is one of the best places on earth to spend time in the sun and relax. It sounds perfect right?

If only you could keep that sand off you at the beach.

Don’t get me wrong, sand is a fantastic part of going to the beach. It’s comfortable to sleep on, soft on your toes, and sand provides hours of fun for kids.

Depending on the beach you visit sand can be white, black or different shades of brown. The more fine the sand is, the softer it is. However fine sand also means it’s almost impossible to get off your skin.

Sand can be a problem when it won’t rub off then appears under your couch weeks later (how’d that get there). In this article we’ll discuss 5 ways to keep sand off you at the beach. I’ve got a few insider tips that should help to keep sand off!

Lessons Learned With Beach Sand

I grew up going to the beach with my siblings and grandfather. He’d help us build forts by digging a hole with a shovel. We’d collect driftwood to secure the perimeter.

The process was fun and I have great memories. But I also have memories of cleaning the sand off our feet afterward (he was strict about his no-dirt policy).

There was always an extra towel in the car to wipe our legs and feet and there was a jug of water in case we didn’t do a good job.   Hours later I’d be in bed and feel tiny grains of sand on the sheets. Where was it coming from!

How To Keep Sand Off You At The Beach

#1 Use A Jug Of Water

Those old plastic jugs of milk or water are useful. Occasionally you’ll see people at the gym carrying them to stay hydrated but they can also be used for the beach too.

I always keep an empty gallon jug in the back of my car for when I visit the beach. The jug can be carried to your spot on the sand and filled with ocean water or it can be left in the car and used before you get in the car to leave the beach.

It can be used to rinse off your legs, feet, and hands before sitting down on your towel or used in the parking lot to keep sand from invading your car.

#2 Keep Baby Powder In The Car

Baby powder is like magic when it comes to removing sand from your body. I also keep a small bottle of powder in my glove box and use it when I don’t have access to water.

Baby powder sticks to sand particles and absorbs any moisture that might cause it to remain on your skin. Gently shake baby powder on your legs and feets and wipe away the sand. It works great for hard to clean spots between your toes.

Using baby powder provides a bonus of freshening you up after a day at the beach. Apply it to your entire body then clean up with a towel before getting into your car (more uses for baby powder). best ways to keep sand off you at the beach

#3 Use A Sandless Beach Blanket

Have you ever heard of a sandless beach blanket? Until a few years ago I was unfamiliar with the technology but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they work.

Sandless beach mats use a fine layer of mesh which allow sand to fall through the first layer of material. Unlike a beach towel, if sand happens to get on your blanket it will fall through. They are lightweight and shake up easily after use.

Sandless beach blankets aren’t perfect so don’t expect it to be 100% sand free. If you frequent the beach it might be a great choice to make lying on the beach more comfortable. There are sandless beach bags too!

#4 Opt For A Chair Instead Of Laying On A Towel

If you can’t handle the sand you might want to try taking a beach chair. Using a beach chair will keep you up off the sand and reduce the amount of sand that gets on your body.

Unfortunately, you’ll still have sand on your feet but your thighs, midsection, and head should be sand-free.

I really like the Tommy Bahama beach chairs that have backpack straps perfect for carrying to and from the car.

#5 Utilize The Beach Showers For Feet And Hands

If you’re concerned about taking sand home with you then make sure you park near a public restroom. Most beach bathrooms have outdoor showers available where beachgoers can rinse off their arms and legs before leaving.

If you have small children it’s a good idea to make them rinse off their body and hair before the trip home.

#6 Go Bigger – Use An Ultralight Beach Blanket Instead Of A Towel

Sand is always a problem when using a beach towel. Towels just aren’t large enough to keep sand at bay.

Lightweight beach blankets are becoming more popular for trips to the beach because they 1) fit more people, 2) provide a larger area to spread out, and 3) they pack much smaller than a beach towel.

I wrote about the best beach blankets and found them to be a better option for people who don’t like sand and you can save your towels to use for drying off.

#7 Avoid Sweating

If you’re laying in the sun on a hot day, chances are you’ll start sweating. Once we perspire, sand will have moisture to stick to.  But it’s not always the sweat that sand sticks too.

Sunscreen attracts sand too.  If possible, allow your sunscreen to thoroughly soak into your skin before laying down on your towel.

Sand usually falls off skin that’s dry.

So, how do you keep from sweating?  One way is to lay in the shade under an umbrella.  It won’t prevent you from sweating but it should help reduce the amount of perspiration.


The beach can be an idyllic place for a relaxing vacation. The sun, waves, warmth, and sand are all factors that make it a memorable place to enjoy.

Yet some people have a problem with the sand. Sure, sand is fun to play in and walk in but why does it have to stick to skin and find its way into our cars, homes, and beds?

Sand tends to get everywhere. I find it in backpacks months after a trip to the beach (yet I didn’t even take my backpack) and cleaning it is a real hassle.

Luckily there are a few things you can do to keep sand off you at the beach.

Start with preparation and store baby powder and a jug of water in your car. These two items will help remove sand before you head home.

Second, consider sitting in a chair or sandless mat while on the beach. A chair will keep the majority of sand off and a sandless mat will keep sand from coming into contact with your skin.

Using a larger beach blanket can be a great alternative to a smaller beach towel and you can save the beach towel for drying off.

Lastly, make sure you park near a beach restroom. Most beach bathrooms have an outdoor shower where people can rinse the sand off before leaving the beach.

Thanks for reading another Beach Life article. Visiting the beach is a fun experience but make sure you’re prepared. Visit the blog to find more helpful tips and safety information for the beach.